Thursday, August 29, 2013

Episode 009 Canadian Quilt Talk - Modern Quilting Uncovered

This week's episode of Canadian Quilt Talk hits a hot topic that everyone's talking about - Modern Quilting. You sent in your questions and we found the answers with special guest Holly Broadland, President and founder of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. 

Check out this episode!


  1. Wow! Your interview with Holly was great, she is awesome!! Since there was so much covered, I can't pick one or two things that picqued my interest about Modern Quilts and Guilds but let's just say I am inspired to create more and investigate deeper ;-) Thank you!!

  2. You are welcome Michele! I'm glad you liked it! I'm so inspired too. I just made a modern quilt for my nephew and I'll be sure to make a few more. I loved the scraps in a paper bag idea. Gotta try that.


  3. This was my first time listening to your show. I really enjoyed the topic and your guest's spirit and enthusiasm for this new movement. It's so nice to get back in to sewing quilts with a new perspective and a group of people that love to share their work on the internet. I spend a lot of hours on my own sewing my projects and your show has been great company and creative fuel.
    Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks Anna! I'm so glad you like it. Holly Broadland was sincerely passionate about modern quilts and it was contagious! Cheers!