Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flare Fabrics - FREE SHIPPING

Have you heard of Flare Fabrics? I've been hearing murmurs about this great new Canadian online store and kept meaning to check it out. Well, I googled them today and the Flare Fabrics website is awesome! They offer fabric by colour, value, type and all kinds of patterns and specialty items including loads of fabrics & things ON SALE. I'm so thrifty it makes my heart sing. And its not just a few old school yucky fabrics that won't sell. There are loads of great fabrics on sale all the time.

They've been up and running for 2 years already and the quilters I know are all a buzz. They feature gorgeous batiks and bold cottons and they have free shipping across Canada?

YES, I typed that correctly! FREE SHIPPING ACROSS CANADA!

Even my best distributor only gives me free shipping on orders over $300 and if I order anything from the US I practically choke to death on shipping/duty and brokerage fees.

SO this is just my happy find of the day. 

FLARE FABRICS - Canadian women doing some great business! 

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