Monday, August 16, 2010

Back in action

I finally have a chance to start blogging again. Summer can get so crazy. Lately, if I've had some extra time, I've been cleaning or organizing for a quiet weekend away with the family. I've been stuck at home (a bit under the weather) so I have done a bit of writing and, of course, played with some fibre arts techniques. I made this floral piece for a good friend's birthday. I tried to follow a store bought pattern, but the leaves and stems were so awkward and contrived looking that I did my own thing. She's just one of those really good people, so she deserved it. She always tells me that if someone dishes you out some SH*%! you just pretend its fluff on the end of your fingers and blow it right back in their face. Ha ha ha! Gotta love her because she is right.