Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Say Hello to The Needle & Thread Network

I just received a lovely invitation on Facebook to link up to the Needle and Thread Network which is a Canadian blog also know as TN&TN. So, I went over and took a look. What a great place to connect with all kinds of Canadian fibre & textile artists! This blog is packed with great information and resources as well as these fun events:

  • Work in Progress (WIP) Wednesdays - This is where Canadian textile bloggers create a post and link it to the TN&TN blog for all to see, just like I've done today. A great way to get the word out on what you are up to and what your blog is all about!
  • Feature Fridays - Every second week TN&TN invites Canadian textile bloggers to feature their work in an online show and tell. That can't be anything but fun! 

If you are just checking out the Explore Fibre blog for the first time, you are in for a pleasant surprise! We have started a brand new adventure with the Canadian Quilt Talk podcast that you don't want to miss. Be sure to sign up for email notifications on the Explore Fibre blog to get every episode or go straight to iTunes and search for Canadian Quilt Talk to subscribe there.

So a big HELLO goes out to everyone at TN&TN! I'm so glad to meet you and I'd love to take you along for the ride on Canadian Quilt Talk.

PS - Be sure to listen in for our big announcement on tomorrow's podcast. We've landed an interview with a celebrity guest that you don't want to miss!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode 005

Hello Everyone!

Before I get into the topic for this week, I just want to say that I have a HUGE surprise to announce this Thursday during the podcast. You don't want to miss it. But if you do, you'll see it posted all over my social media in the coming days. I am so excited about this guest, you can't even imagine. So stay tuned...

Here's a hint...
Welcome to the Tuesday Preview. This week's episode will tackle a few tips and tricks for those of you who are new to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blogging. Even if you are "old hat" and have been surfing the web for a while, you may learn a few things to help you out as you navigate your favourite quilting and fibre art blogs. We're starting simple, not to overwhelm anyone, and we'll have future shows that go into more detail on each of these platforms, so you can really dig deep to find photos, techniques and ideas online for your next project. 

Canadian Quilt Talk Episode 005 - That Silly Social Media

So grab a cup of tea and your favourite cookies, or set up a project on the machine and zip along on your latest UFO while I  give you my top tens tips for navigating the web. And you don't want to miss our special guest announcement! 

AND NOW THE WINNER of our Quilter's Corner segment. Karen Brennan of Sarasota, Florida. I am so excited to have listener's from all over North America! 

CONGRATULATIONS to Karen. You have won the all new Black Sheep Block Party pattern by Brandy Lynn Designs. Thanks for the Quilter's Corner submission! 

As always, at the end of this week's episode, I offer up MY TWO STITCHES on the topic of social media. 

Until next time . . . dream big and work hard in the studio with CanadianQuilt Talk!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

NEW WEBSITE - Brandy Lynn Designs

Here's the latest news on what's up with Brandy Lynn Designs and Canadian Quilt Talk.


Brandy Lynn Designs is now live! If you've listened to the podcast and like what you hear, we would love it if you would check out the brand new website and share it with your friends. Tell everyone where they can find us! The Brandy Lynn Designs website is packed with loads of information - a brand new photo gallery, what's up with classes, lectures and judging, and even a few products for sale. Did you know I was a full-time city firefighter for 15 years before I followed my passion? If you want to learn a bit more about me, be sure to check it out!

AND PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE! I am always so excited when I get a new comment, story or question. This podcast is for you, the listener, the quilter, the fibre artist. So let me know your questions. Tell me what you are struggling with. Tell me all about your favourite things. I'd love to know and it might even become a show! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Best Tricycle Ever!

We spent a wonderful long weekend recently camping in the Kootenays at Cascade Falls Campground. On the way home we thought we'd stop at a little bakery that boasted the areas best cinnamon buns. They weren't wrong about that! They were delicious. While we were waiting for them to assemble our order we spied an adorable little tricycle that the kids are allowed to ride in the bakery right around the tables!

Take a close look. Can you believe it? They built a functioning tricycle using an old Singer sewing machine. I was so impressed I just had to share. The bakery is called Copper Eagle Cappuccino & Bakery in Greenwood, BC, Canada. They have ridiculously good food, great service, you can sit inside our out on the patio and, in my opinion, they have the best tricycle ever!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Episode 004 Canadian Quilt Talk - Soy Wax Inspirations with Susan Purney Mark

Canadian Quilt Talk - Brandy Lynn interviews Susan Purney Mark about her latest DVD - Soy Wax Inspirations. Plus, you'll hear the first quilting Q & A for the Gentle Judge segment. 

Check out this episode!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode 004

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Tuesday Preview. I am so excited about this week's show - not only is it my birthday on Thursday, but we have a fantastic guest chatting about her brand new DVD. We also have a hilarious Quilter's Corner and our first question for the Gentle Judge monthly segment. 

Canadian Quilt Talk Episode 004 - Soy Wax Inspirations with Susan Purney Mark

This week's show explores surface design as we chat about Soy Wax Inspirations. I had so much fun reviewing this DVD that I will be viewing it a second time and booking a full 2 or 3 day stretch of time to dive right into creative play. Susan Purney Mark navigates the ins and outs of soy wax surface design in a way that inspires the beginner quilter and the established fibre artist alike. 

AND NOW THE WINNER of our Quilter's Corner segment. This week's sponsor is Susan Purney Mark offering up a copy of her new DVD.

CONGRATULATIONS to Monika Kinner-Whalen. She wins a copy of Soy Wax Inspirations.

At the end of this week's episode, I offer up MY TWO CENTS and then we have our first installment of the Gentle Judge where we hear from CQA Certified Quilt Judge Anna Hergert as she tackles a question about machine stitched binding.   

Until next time . . . dream big and work hard in the studio with CanadianQuilt Talk!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Episode 003 Canadian Quilt Talk - Public Perspective

Canadian Quilt Talk - in this episode we'll consider the public perspective of quilting and fibre art, with a heartwrming story of how one woman started quilting and Brandy Lynn's 6 steps to bringing quilting back to the forefront in your local community. 

Check out this episode!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode 003

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Tuesday Preview. Every Tuesday I will be chatting about the upcoming episode of Canadian Quilt Talk. You'll see snippets of the show with our topic and guest. I'll also announce the winner of our weekly Quilter's Corner, so here we go...

Canadian Quilt Talk Episode 003 - Quilting - The Public's Perspective

This week's show explores the perspective of quilting and fibre art in the public. In this episode I'll pull out the microphone and record total strangers at random to find out what quilting means to them and I'll give you my top 6 tips for sharing your quilting passion with friends, family and the community. 

And of course, even though the penny is extinct, I'll give you MY TWO CENTS worth at the end in a segment called, MY TWO STITCHES... 

AND NOW THE WINNER of our Quilter's Corner segment. 
(Sponsored this week by Brandy Lynn Designs)

CONGRATULATIONS to Linda Gravlin. She wins a brand new pattern hot off the press from Brandy Lynn Designs called Black Sheep Block Party. 

Until next time . . . dream big and work hard in the studio with CanadianQuilt Talk!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

CQT Podcast Episode 002 - Let's Talk Fabric

Hello Everyone!

I am having so much fun with the Canadian Quilt Talk podcast!

Welcome to Episode # 2!

The podcast is ready so you can listen from the blog right here, right now.

Canadian Quilt Talk Episode 002 - Let's Talk Fabric!

I really hope you enjoy this episode and please SHARE it with your friends. The Quilter's Corner story is hilarious. I'm having a lot of fun and I'm learning SOOO MUCH every week.

Thanks for your patience with the RSS feeds, it just takes a while for them all to load, but they worked! 


Keep on quilting!

Episode 002 Canadian Quilt Talk - Let's Talk Fabric

Let's Talk Fabric - join us for an all fabric episode with guest Marlene Starkman of Flare Fabrics and our very first listener giveaway on the Quilter's Corner. 

Check out this episode!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode 002

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Tuesday Preview. Every Tuesday I will be chatting about the upcoming episode of Canadian Quilt Talk. You'll see snippets of the show with our topic and guest. I'll also announce the winner of our weekly Quilter's Corner, so here we go...

Canadian Quilt Talk Episode 002 - Let's Talk Fabric!

This week's show is called Let's Talk Fabric! Our special guest is Marlene Starkman from Flare Fabrics. They are a Canadian online fabric company specializing in top quality batiks and bold, contemporary cottons at great prices. And as you can see from this ad - on orders of $25 or more, they have free shipping in Canada!

On this week's episode Marlene and I will talk about:

- why cotton fabric is a favourite for quilting
- what fabric is hot in the industry right now
- to wash or not to wash your fabrics before quilting

And of course, even though the penny is extinct, I'll give you MY TWO CENTS worth at the end in a segment called, MY TWO STITCHES... 

AND NOW THE WINNER of our first Quilter's Corner segment. 
(Sponsored this week by Flare Fabrics!)

CONGRATULATIONS to Anita LaHay. She has a blog if you'd like to check it out at DayDreamsofQuilts

Until next time . . . dream big and work hard in your quilting studio with CanadianQuilt Talk!

Monday, July 8, 2013

The RSS feed is in!

Hey everyone,

The RSS feed for the all new Canadian Quilt Talk podcast is in place. You can now subscribe through iTunes (still awaiting moderation for Blackberry). And don't fret if you don't have any of those fandangled iPhones, iPads or Blackberry devices! You can open up an iTunes account on your computer to subscribe or even simpler - just type in your email on the right where it says FOLLOW THIS BLOG BY EMAIL and you'll be able to click on the link to listen each week.

Every Tuesday I'll be posting about what's coming up for the Thursday podcast and every Thursday I'll post the podcast for everyone to hear. Stay tuned this week when we talk with Marlene Starkman of Flare Fabrics. What quilter doesn't want to talk about fabric?

Here's the link if you'd like to subscribe through  iTunes.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Testing...Testing...Canadian Quilt Talk Episode 1

Hey everyone, thank you so much for your patience.

So here are the Promo and Episode 1 files for the new Canadian Quilt Talk podcast. For now you can click on them directly and have a listen. They are live online and life is good!

Canadian Quilt Talk Promo (2 minutes) 

If this was sent to you by a friend, be sure to follow the blog so you don't miss a thing. The mailing list on the right is for my quarterly newsletter. To subscribe to the blog, scroll down a bit and join with google connect or subscribe to the RSS posts at the very bottom to get every blog post right to your inbox. When I break 100 blog followers I'm doing a random draw of all followers and giving away a copy of my brand new pattern called Black Sheep Block Party hot off the press!

Tune in for next week's episode of Canadian Quilt Talk (when we'll have even better audio) and we'll be talking about something that we all can't get enough of and that's FABRIC! Our special guest is Marlene Starkman from Flare Fabrics. As the sponsor of that episode, she's giving away a fabulous prize:

A JELLY ROLL BY FREE SPIRIT - the entire Chicopee Line by Denyse Schmidt. (30 - 2 1/2" strips with 26 prints and 4 extras.) So send an email to Brandy Lynn Designs with your funny quilting story of 200 words or less. If we pick yours to read on the show you will win the prize. The Canadian Quilt Talk podcast is so new that we don't even have any entries yet, so your chances of winning the prize are fantastic!

LOL Episode 1 ... coming soon!

Hi Everyone!

Well, that didn't work! All that work getting the word out the first episode and now I'm putting you in suspense! I'm so excited to have such a huge jump in subscribers lately all awaiting my very first podcast. Well, with a few growing pains, my upload was crummy because I chose a live radio format rather than a pre-recorded download format. The 2 minute test promo worked so well, but not so good for a full podcast. We are not quite live just yet!

Having said that - thank you for your patience! The first episode will be aired ASAP. I'm working on the new platform and will send out a blog, tweets, FBook and more so you won't miss a thing. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

For those of you about to send me a roast or toast to my little flub, bring it on! But also, thank you for your support! It's my fans, friends and colleagues that are the push behind making this happen. It's all a learning process and it only gets better from here.

In the meantime be sure to send me your ideas, stories and suggestions for the show through the contact me page on the Brandy Lynn Designs website. Stay tuned, there's some great content still to come....on Canadian Quilt Talk!

Heather Lair - A Canadian Quilting Treasure

I am still in shock and deeply saddened to write this post. Heather Lair, one of Canada's most treasured Quilters and Fibre Artists has passed away. In my life she was a gem. She was a friend, a teacher and an incredible mentor. Her kind words and supportive demeanor lifted my spirit on so many occasions. She always left me feeling as if I could take on the world.

This photo below after my very first trunk show was taken with a quilt I made in her class called "Colours of Nebula." I chose this quilt for that photo because Heather told me that I shouldn't worry about whether I'd done a trunk show before or whether anyone would hire me. I should just phone until I find a guild to let me do one. So I did my first lecture for free at a local quilt show and I've never looked back. Thank you Heather, that was stellar advice.

At Manitoba quilting events I gravitated to her side on so many occasions and marvelled at her stories of making quilts for movies and other private commissions. She was a true ambassador for quilting and she cherished every moment she spent with a quilt in her hands. I valued her humble and inspiring approach to teaching and admired the tenacity in her opinion that quilt teachers should be paid fairly. 

Here is a lovely post by another wonderful quilter named Heidi Hunter who knew Heather so well. Her words ring clear and true about such an incredible woman who left us too soon. Heather, you will be missed dearly. I am so honoured to have been inspired by you in so many ways. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2 days and counting to Canadian Quilt Talk...

Show notes for the first Promo post to Blog Talk Radio:
Click on this Canadian Quilt Talk link to hear the promo and sign up to follow...

Hello everyone and welcome to Canadian Quilt Talk. I am beyond excited to launch my very first podcast coming up very soon on July 4th, 2013. This is a brand new quilting and fibre art podcast hosted by me! Brandy Lynn. If you don’t know me, I design patterns, teach, lecture and Judge quilting across Canada, but for me, the real story is about following your passion. My goal is to bring you the skinny on what’s happening in quilting. You’ll get the latest tips, tricks and trends and meet some stellar Canadian talent. Every episode will start with a Quilter’s Corner where you - the listener send in a funny, quarky, silly quilting story. All you have to do is send 2oo words or less to If we choose your story to read on air, you’ll win the weekly prize from our sponsor. Then we’ll bring you our weekly topic and interview an expert so you really get the dirt. And you don’t want to miss our monthly segment called the Gentle Judge - whether you’re entering a quilt in the local fall far or a national juried show, you’ll hear the latest from the top judges in Canada. So watch for us on iTunes this July 4th and be sure to subscribe to Canadian Quilt Talk.  You don’t want to miss this!