Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Crocus Award

This is a gracious thank you to the Manitoba Prairie Quilters Guild for honouring me with the Crocus Award last night. I have day dreamed about what I would ever say or do if I won such an award and always thought I would jump up and down yelling, "You like me," similar to Sally Fields as she won her Emmy award, but instead I am feeling rather humbled.

I thank my friends and mentors for the majestic spider web of support they have built for me. It is strong and purposeful, yet gorgeous and shimmering with dew. I have always felt a personal success in my work for the guild as it creates a peace and inner balance through giving back to the community, but it is sincerely heartwarming to be recognized for my contributions.

The greatest efforts I have made in volunteering for this guild would have never come to pass if it hadn't been for my friends and partners in misadventure. Last year's June picnic proved popular with members and it was a pleasure to share the planning of that event with Tannis Dawson who put in countless hours as my partner.

I have always been happy to offer a hand at events and quilt shows over the years often receiving more value than I ever felt I contributed, but I was thrilled when the opportunity to run the ABC Quilts Program presented itself. I have blinked and it's been a year since I took on the challenge, but it has been a passion for me. The support of mentors and ABC volunteers such as Vivian Cameron, Sue Bruning, Kenna Ann Shipp and Helen Maslowski, as well as countless guild members giving their time, efforts and stash to donate quilts has been constant and comforting.

I would like to acknowledge the values and goals of the Manitoba Prairie Quilters Guild and stress the importance of how this organization has influenced my life. I have gained knowledge, skills and most importantly, good, kind-hearted friends.

Thank you sincerely for granting me the honour of the Crocus Award.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fibre Break!

Well, I've had to take a break from fibre creations since I completed the New Zealand project because the time has come to get into spring cleaning. But I have discovered a new type of sewing project that I now have to endure and that is mending my son's jeans. We sort through his clothes about every 6 months to weed out the ones that don't fit him because he is growing like a weed. For some reason this time there are at least 6 pairs of jeans that have a worn thin spot that has turned into a wide slit on the knee. I have a feeling his busy fingers have helped those holes grow, but he's not quite admitting to anything yet. So if anyone out there has a great tip on a "kid cool" way to mend the jeans so that he'll still wear them, please drop me a comment. Meanwhile, I'll be checking out the net to find a cool looking solution.

I heard a saying once that goes something like this...Asking a quilter (fibre artist) to hem your pants is like asking a fine artist to paint your house. I have to agree with that because I'd rather visit a tailor to mend my clothes and spend studio time creating art.