Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Hmmm, ten kids with bows and arrows. Sounds like a recipe for eerie bloodshed fitting the night before Halloween. But it was a bunch of rambunctious boys with a great archery leader and they were safe and had loads of fun. Gavin turned 8 years old this week and the kids were quite impressive hitting the targets and balloons at the archery range for his birthday party. A real highlight of the party was the fabulous hockey cake. It was 24 cupcakes gathered together and iced as a cake with root beer icing. It was so delicious! The boys had 2 cupcakes each and were still asking for more. If you need a fabulous cake for your event check out Rhonda's Cakes. She does everything from fun delicious kids cakes to elaborate designs for any occasion.

1 comment:

  1. HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY to Gavin. The party sounded like great fun. Boys and their bows & arrows, a certain Granddad I know would have been right at home :-)
    Mmm the cake looks delicious.
    Happy Halloween,
    PS. I'm looking forward to seeing your fibre art and all the other great art at Woodlands Gallery next Thurs.