Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Caring for your quilts!

This week I'm thrilled to be off to the Eye Candy Quilt Show in Regina, Saskatchewan where I'll be doing my Trunk Show and judging the show. But I'm very happy to dole out my top ten tips for caring for your quilts on this week's CQT podcast. You put loads of time, effort and money into making a quilt. Why not care for it in the best way possible so it lasts for years to come? 

Do you have quilts jammed in every spare corner of your closets? Take a bit of an inventory, package them up carefully and you'll be pleased as punch that they are looking their best when you take them out for those special occasions. 

AND . . . the winner of the weekly Quilter's Corner 

Hers is a story about perhaps storing a quilt a little too well to the point where you can't even find it! 

Congratulations Janet! You have won a lovely fat quarter bundle by Northcott Silks Inc.

NORTHCOTT - Cottons that feel like silk!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Episode 042 Canadian Quilt Talk - Quilts for Tanzania

Join Brandy Lynn this week as she uncovers the heartwarming story of Vice Principal Sandra Richardson whose family eats, breathes and speaks humanitarianism which recently led to a quilt project for 47 orphans in Tanzania, Africa. 

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode # 42

Quilts for Tanzania - a heartwarming story

This week I interview Sandra Richardson, a BC school Vice Principal who has dedicated her summers for the last ten years to humanitarian trips all over the world, but most recently to Africa with Canadian students. The past few years she has focused on a certain orphanage in Tanzania, helping to raise funds for the orphanage itself, a school, and a dorm so the orphans don't have to sleep 4 to a bed in the classroom.

This has all led to...you guessed it...a plan to give 47 orphans who do not have a single worldy possession, a quilt of their own. 

This story is the most heartwarming effort you can ever imagine. For years Sandra, her daughter and her team have changed the lives of orphans in Africa while leaving a lifelong impression on the Canadian teens who have fundraised, travelled, and worked so hard in their humanitarian efforts.  

Just recuperating from a houseful of wonderful family & feasts over the Easter holidays, it's very humbling to think of these 47 orphans, all under 7 years old, when my belly has been so full that I feel I shouldn't have to eat for a week.

Here's the winner of the weekly Quilter's Corner 
Gaye Mathusek 

When you think of the water struggles that the people in many areas of Africa face, Gaye's story of a water main break may seem rather trivial, but she dealt with terrible water damage to a quilt with determination and grace.

Congratulations Gaye! You have won a lovely fat quarter bundle by Northcott Silks Inc.

NORTHCOTT - Cottons that feel like silk!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Episode 041 Canadian Quilt Talk - Daphne Greig

Join Brandy Lynn this week as she interviews Canadian quilter, teacher, speaker and author Daphne Greig. We’ll explore her transition from day job to quilt professional, talk about her patterns, workshops, Alaskan cruise and more….

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode # 41

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

Have you heard of Give & Take Fabric Appliqué? You can find this fun and innovative quilting technique with Daphne Greig in the form of a workshop, a book, and a DVD. There is an assortment of quilter-friendly stencils to go with it, and to top it all off, you can even sign up for this workshop on an Alaskan Quilting Cruise with Daphne herself this fall! 

This week on our 41st Episode of Canadian Quilt Talk, I'll chat with Canadian quilter, teacher, speaker, and 5-time author, Daphne Greig. 

I was thrilled to interview Daphne Greig because she is a household name on the Canadian quilting scene and she chats about how she went from an every day career job to becoming a quilt professional. And I couldn't wait to let you all know what she's up to from teaching at CQA 2014 to her upcoming Alaskan Quilt Cruise

 And Daphne has offered up a wonderful prize for this week's Quilter's Corner. 

Give & Take Fabric Appliqué
This week's winner is Nancy Boisvert with a wonderful story of how a Boston accent and some mistaken pronunciation led her astray in a quilt shop. 

Congrats Nancy! You have won the book GIVE & TAKE FABRIC APPLIQUÉ by Daphne Greig and Susan Purney Mark.   

Daphne Greig, CEO, Patchworks Studio

Daphne is an international educator, designer and author of 5 quilting books. She has been a guest instructor on 5 quilting cruises with her next cruise to Alaska scheduled for September 2014. Daphne says "Teaching feeds my soul. I love meeting other people who share my passion for fabric and creativity."

So join us this Thursday at 4pm Pacific time to meet Daphne Greig on CQT Episode 41!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Episode 040 Canadian Quilt Talk - Leah Day

Join Brandy Lynn this week as she chats with superstar quilter Leah Day about how the idea to embark on 365 days of free motion quilting came about and how it has turned into a business and changed her life. 

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode # 40

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 


To celebrate 40 Episodes I’ve got a super cool guest on CQT this week!  Not only is she cool, but she'll also inspire you to throw caution to the wind and quilt your own quilt, no matter what the size, on your own domestic sewing machine. 

This week on Canadian Quilt Talk I'll chat with 
YouTube sensation, free motion maven, and quilt professional Leah Day. 

Photo by Tammy Cantrell, Encaptured & Co.
I was so excited to interview Leah Day because following along with her Free Motion Quilting Project 5 years ago really opened my eyes to some new possibilities. Practicing that many designs just for the fun of it really boosts your confidence in free motion quilting like nothing else can. It could do the same for you! 

This week we'll be talking about how this awesome idea hit her to come up with a new free motion design every day for a year and how it has turned into a business and changed her life. 

And to continue the 40th Episode celebration we are giving away twice the prize for this week's Quilter's Corner. 

This week's winner is Corinne Morrison - Morton. 

Congrats Corinne! I've packaged up some lovely fat quarters by Northcott Silks Inc. 

And to double the value of our prize, Leah has offered to give away her Building Blocks pattern as well! Thank you for the lovely story Corinne. 

You can JOIN in the fun of Leah's Building Blocks Quilt Along by picking up your copy of this pattern today. 

Building Blocks Pattern (Photo by Tammy Cantrell, Encaptured & Co.) 
Leah is the owner of LeahDay.com, an online quilt shop which carries tools for free motion quilting on your home sewing machine. She's currently presenting the Building Blocks Quilt Along where you can learn how to piece AND quilt the blocks of a beginner level sampler quilt. 

So join us this Thursday at 4pm Pacific time for CQT Episode 40 for some free motion inspiration and a chat with Leah Day!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Quilt of Valour # 3

Hooray! I'm so excited to receive another email already for a Quilt of Valour by quilter Anita LaHay. As promised she has earned herself a free pattern by Brandy Lynn Designs.

Here's the lovely quilt she made…

Congratulations Anita! Your pattern is in the mail. 

And just a reminder for those of you thinking of making a Quilt of Valour - I am giving away my Black Sheep Block Party pattern (value $14.99) to every quilter who sends me a photo of a quilt they made and donated to Quilts of Valour in 2014. Here's the pattern in case you need a little nudge to get inspired.

If you want to learn more about Quilts of Valour simply visit their website at www.quiltsofvalour.ca or listen to Canadian Quilt Talk Episode # 24.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Episode 039 Canadian Quilt Talk - Gratitude

Have you taken a moment lately to look back at some of the things you are grateful for? Join Brandy this week as she tells you how gratitude has kept her on a good path and literally changed her life. 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode 039

Today I decided to throw caution to the wind and escape my studio to visit my friend Eileen for tea and to see her new puppy Tyner.

Puppy Tyner

The reason I say I threw caution to the wind is because I had 3 solid ideas for my podcast this week, but they all required input, interviews or photos from guests, experts or sponsors and none of them have worked out just yet. So I just went out and enjoyed my day. But to my guests' defence - with the nature of a weekly media show, I never give anyone too much time to respond and often put show ideas off to a later week so I can get the best info possible. I hate to pressure the wonderful people who have agreed to be on the show, so I never give deadlines unless they choose an air date. As a result, this week's podcast will be a surprise AGAIN!

After visiting the adorable puppy, I also stopped by my son's school to touch base with the Home Ec teacher about a Quilts for Tanzania Project that we are working on. This is the most amazing, heartwarming project ever, so it is a great back up in case my none of my 3 show ideas work out by tomorrow. Here are a few photos of the quilt squares the kids created and the charity prints that will be pieced in between.

But what I do have all set in stone is the winner of this week's Quilter's Corner. Congratulations to Jaden Hair who submitted a wonderful story about how her mom-in-law got her hooked on quilting. I love receiving stories from brand new quilters and I love checking out their websites and blogs when the have one.

So Jaden has a really cool blog called Steamy Kitchen. It's not quilt related, but we all eat right? It looks like she's an expert in the kitchen and the recipes look scrumptious.

So congratulations Jaden - you have won a fat quarter bundle by Northcott Silks Inc. to go with your new love of quilting. And I can't wait to have a surprise topic chat with you all again this Thursday on our 39th Episode of Canadian Quilt Talk!