Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quilts of Valour Challenge...continued

Hey Everyone,

Here's a lovely note about the Quilts of Valour Challenge...

Anita LaHay
REMINDER - My QoV Challenge is for CQT Listeners to make a QoV in 2014, send me a photo and they'll receive a free Brandy Lynn Designs pattern! Easy as that!

I received an email yesterday from a wonderful quilter named Anita LaHay who has already submitted a photo and won a free pattern for a Quilt of Valour in 2014. But she didn't stop there! She has made another gorgeous quilt for a soldier.

Thanks for sending in your photos Anita!

Since she's already won a pattern, I've decided to feature her here because you will love it and she deserves the accolades. Her blog is called daydreamsofquilts so be sure to go there and follow along. She has a wonderful post about her latest Quilt of Valour.

Here are the great photos Anita sent of her latest QoV. She even used all fabric from my terrific sponsor Northcott Silks! The line she chose was Oh Canada by designer Linda Ludovico. It's gorgeous and sooooo Canadian. I love it!

So? Have you made a QoV in 2014 or are you considering it? Be sure to send me a photo so you can win a pattern. It takes a certain type of person to dedicate hours of quilting for a good cause and you deserve a free pattern and a huge thank you for making your community better.

Thanks Anita!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Episode 059 Canadian QuiltTalk - What's In It For You?

Join Brandy Lynn this week as she turns the tables and asks you for inspiration. This show is for you, so Brandy asks you ten questions to brainstorm what you want out of the Canadian Quilt Talk podcast. 

Check out this episode!

What's in it For You?

Here's a sneak peek at today's podcast! As promised, here are all the questions from CQT Episode # 59 so you can peruse, contemplate and send me a note anytime.

What topics do you want me to tackle?

I'm telling you my best content by far is the content sparked by a creative question from a listener. What you say matters, and I'll bet my bottom dollar, if you have a question - no matter how small - I bet someone else is thinking the same question too.

So those are my 10 questions to you. Tell me your challenges and let me do the research. I strive every week to bring you topics that make you a better quilter, introduce special guest experts and keep you in stitches along the way. So find a question or two that resonate with you (or answer them all!) and leave a comment here, post on Facebook, Twitter or send me an email at

Until next time...Dream Big and Work Hard in the Studio with Canadian Quilt Talk. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode # 59

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I am so happy to chat with you again this evening to share my next new topic for the Canadian Quilt Talk podcast. This week on the show it's going to be ALL ABOUT YOU!

Here's what I mean: I've been doing this podcast for over a year now and I've had the most amazing guests, wonderful interviews, and really cool experiences, but not once have I really asked you what you want. I may have sent out a few small queries on Facebook, but never on the podcast have I asked you in depth what you want in a show that's all for you.

CQT Episode # 59 - What's in it for YOU! 

This week on the show I'll ask you a series of questions that get you thinking about yourself as a quilter. What's troubling you? How do you excel? Where are you on your journey? I'll be doing a series of posts all over social media this week and from now on about what you think would make a great show. What topics do you want me to tackle and more... I'm telling you my best content by far is the content sparked by a creative question from a listener. What you say matters, and I'll bet my bottom dollar, if you have a question - no matter how small - I bet someone else is thinking the same question too. Join me this week and become a part of my CQT team!

And now for the winner of this week's Quilter's Corner... (drumroll please...)

Congratulations to Linda Schmidt! Linda submitted a story that happened this spring at the CQA 2014 National Show in Niagara about how one kind quilter really paid it forward. Linda has won a fat quarter bundle by Northcott - the cottons that feel like silk.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Episode 058 Canadian Quilt Talk - Elaine Quehl

Join Brandy Lynn this week as she explores dyeing fabric and more with quilter, dyer, teacher and designer Elaine Quehl. And don't miss the fabric giveaway of Elaine's latest line of fabric from Northcott called Falling Leaves. 

Check out this episode!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode # 58

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

I had so much fun interviewing Elaine Quehl for this week's show. She is teaching a week-long fabric dyeing course called Dye Happy in my home town of Summerland, BC and I was so excited when she agreed to let me sneak her away from her busy schedule. 

And you've probably guessed it - if I'm interviewing Elaine, then we will definitely be talking about dyeing fabric! 

CQT Episode # 58 - Dyeing and more with Elaine Quehl 

Elaine Quehl is a quilt artist, teacher, dyer and designer whose workshops are characterized by delightful bursts of colour through hand-dyed cloth. She is most famous for her gorgeous foliage quilts including hosta leaves, flowers, and trees.

1st place CQA 2014 - Original Design Abstract Pictorial

This week on Canadian Quilt Talk Episode # 58 we’ll be talking about dyeing fabric, including her new line of fabric, her travels, her workshops, her recent 1st place award at CQA 2014 and more.  

AND I am so delighted by my biggest sponsor - Northcott Silks. I told them I was interviewing Elaine Quehl on the show and they are about to launch her new line of fabric called Falling Leaves in September, so they have sent me some! It's not even going to be released to quilt stores until September and our lucky winner this week will get it first!


And here's the winner of our weekly Quilter's Corner: Michèle-Renée Charbonneau with an adorable story of how proud a little child can be of their parent! 

It was so fun to interview Elaine in Summerland! It's always a thrill to meet my guests in person, plus the huge bonus of getting to give away some of her new fabric line. I was thrilled!

So join me this Thursday at 4pm Pacific time to meet Elaine Quehl as we chat all about colour on CQT Episode # 58!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Episode 057 Canadian Quilt Talk - Planning Your Studio

Do you have a studio space that calls you back again and again because you love it so much? Join Brandy Lynn this week as she gives you tips to assess your studio space, plan a great furniture layout and organize for creative success. 

Check out this episode!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode # 57

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

This week on the CQT podcast we'll talk Studio Layout. Do you have a good flow in your quilting space? Is your storage adequate? You'll learn some quick tips on how to assess your space, plan the layout of your furniture, and implement quick and easy storage solutions. 

CANADIAN QUILT TALK Episode # 57 - Studio Layout

And this week's winner of the Quilter's Corner is Karen Caswell with an adorable story about her sister Brenda and her ever-expanding stash of fabric.  Congrats Karen! You have won a fat quarter bundle of gorgeous fabrics by Northcott - cottons that feel like silk! 

I have actually met both of these women and was pleasantly surprised when I pulled Karen's name to win this week's prize. I'll tell you where I met them on the podcast and why they are so wonderful! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Episode 056 Canadian Quilt Talk - Inspirational Quotes

Join Brandy Lynn this week as she shares her top 25 favourite inspirational quotes. You'll be inspired, motivated and ready to take on the world...or just that next UFO. 

Check out this episode!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode # 56

Hi there - Brandy here,

This week on the CQT podcast there will be inspiration abound. It will be the first podcast for which I have hardly written a single word! In fact every single one of my top 25 favourite inspirational quotes that I found anywhere and everywhere on the net were written by brilliant people of the world, and they will leave you thinking positive and wanting more. And of course, I'll insert my little musings in between about why I love each quote.

CANADIAN QUILT TALK Episode # 56 - A Healthy Dose of Inspiration

And this week's winner of the Quilter's Corner is Judith Moody with a story about her precious great grand daughter and she wins an adorable fat quarter bundle of children's fabric. 

Northcott - cottons that feel like silk!