Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Teacher's Gift

Despite the craziness of getting ready for our first big camping weekend of the summer AND the upcoming launch of my new Canadian Quilt Talk podcast, we set aside the time to make a special gift for Gavin's grade 5 teacher. He drew up a special flower and a little good-bye. His colours were so beautiful and he wrote LOVE Gavin which was so sweet. I printed it on fabric and made a quick little 5" x 6" wall hanging. Once we had his art transferred onto the fabric, the rest only took about 15 minutes. The little hanging rope is a hand woven yarn that I've braided for thickness and so she can hang it anywhere her heart desires. 

When it comes to teachers - they work so hard, bring so much joy and really shape our kids' lives for a good part of the year. They just deserve a special thank you. We are so happy to have had a stellar teacher this year. I mean, just stellar. You know it when you meet someone who is just a good, good person. You can see it in their eyes. 

Thank you Ms. Thorp. You have made grade 5 Gavin's best year of school yet. Before our very eyes you've built him up for success in years to come. You are truly a gem. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Brandy Lynn Designs Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

I just wrote my very first newsletter on Mail Chimp. It was very easy and pretty fun actually. I sent it out to a few close people for review and it will go out to the masses later today! Topics included the new podcast, of course, a few patterns available and a HUGE THANK YOU to every one of you who has signed up to be on my contact list. I am so tickled that you care about what I have to say every single week!

So if you like my blog, but have never opted in to my newsletter I've just added a brand new subscribe button. Look to the right and you can't miss the giant grey button. Sign up to hear the latest news. For instance, on the blog we've just jumped up to 99 followers! It's not a million, but I love them all and when I reach 100 there will be a wee bit of a celebration, so tell your friends! I'll do a random draw of all of my blog followers to win a copy of my brand new Black Sheep Block Party pattern before it is even released in stores!

I laughed so hard working in MailChimp to design the newsletter. I found that I can opt out of having the Mail Chimp icon on my newsletter. The funny part was that it was called the Party Pooper opt out. I thought that was so hilarious that I left the Mail Chimp there. I think they deserve to advertise on my newsletter because I am using the free Mail Chimp service and it's so easy and fun. More to come next week!

Be sure to sign up for the all new Brandy Lynn Designs Newsletter! 

Happy Canada Day weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Canadian Quilt Talk

Well, it's Tuesday - here I am with my weekly blog post and also to introduce my BRAND NEW adventure ... here's what I hinted at last week ...

"My posts for the blog are going to be every Tuesday and I'll be starting up a new surprise for quilters every Thursday very soon. HUSH, HUSH, it's a fun new adventure."

Here's a quick little collage of the hats I wear in the quilting world and then...the great news!

Quilt Designer, Teacher, Speaker & Judge

I am beyond excited to announce our brand new audio show:

Introducing Canadian Quilt Talk - the podcast for quilting, fibre art and everything in between.

That's right, it's like your very own Quilt Talk Radio Show, except you can save it and listen to it any time your heart desires - particularly in your studio while quilting. We'll start every Thursday with The Quilter's Corner - a funny quilter's story, then our weekly topic with special guest experts, a monthly segment called the Gentle Judge and weekly prizes too. Watch for the first episode right here on my blog and on iTunes Thursday July 4th at 4pm CST. Next week on the blog I'll announce our special guest. No more hush, hush, the word is out - tell all your friends!

If you haven't signed up for the Explore Fibre blog be sure to follow by email or RSS feed so you don't miss a thing. And I'd love it if you would share the blog with your friends. That way you'll get every episode of the podcast delivered right to your inbox every Thursday. 

AND DON'T FORGET - we need you to participate! If you have a funny, sill or quirky quilting story we want to hear from you. All you need to do is click on this link to send a story of 200 words or less.   If your story is chosen, you'll win a prize from our weekly sponsor.

Until next week...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Workshop

It amazes me how guilty I feel when I haven't posted in a while, but I figure, if you are busy, you are busy - just make the best of it and move on. Having said that however, I do appreciate so many of you who have followed along so far, so I've decided to be a bit more predictable!

My posts for the blog are going to be every Tuesday and I'll be starting up a new surprise for quilters every Thursday very soon. HUSH, HUSH, it's a fun new adventure. And I have everything ready to start a newsletter for the first time as well. That will start out as quarterly, so only every few months.

But today's post is all about a fun new workshop I'm doing for the community arts council called Beach Blanket Frenzy. It will be so fun. It for kids aged 10 - 14 and we make a beach blanket for 4 days and then hit the beaches on Friday. It gets so stinking hot here in our semi-arid desert climate that you just have to hit the beach every chance you get.

Here's a sneak peek at the finished top (so simple) but fun for kids! 

If you want to get a child involved in a great summer project here's what you need:
60" x 60" piece of cotton twill (thicker cotton) for the backing.
1M each of 3 fabrics for the front. 
Cut and piece 9" x 9" squares in any arrangement you like. (Let your child choose.)
Spray baste the top to the back & let dry overnight.  
Quilt the entire blanket with a simple wavy line on a diagonal through the corners of the blocks. 
Trim the backing to 1" larger than the pieced top. 
Fold edges 1/2" twice, pin and sew the simple binding onto the front with a simple mitred corner.
It's a beach blanket and you're working with most importantly, have fun... and go get it dirty!