Thursday, January 31, 2013

Canadian Talent

Today and for the next little while I'm going to focus on Canadian Talent in the quilting industry! I know I have so many favourites, but I want your input! THAT MEANS YOU! Do you have a hidden gem in your community with a passion for quilting who inspires like no other? Was there a superstar speaker who just made your quilting weekend? What book has inspired you to go off on a quilting rampage? We want ALL CANADIAN CONTENT here folks. If you follow this blog I want your input. And invite your friends to sign up too.

Who is your favourite Canadian in the following categories?

1. Pattern Designer?

2. Author?

3. Teacher?

4. Speaker?

5. Fabric Supplier?

6. Quilt Shop?

7. Fabric Designer?

8. Blogger?

9. Fibre Artist?

If you think I missed a great category...then let me know! They MUST be Canadian, so take a close look. If you can't think of any off the top of your head, it's a great excuse to dive into your library to find a Canadian author. I challenge you! Let's spread the word about our brilliant Canadian quilters. Let me know what you think in the comments! Tell me who you love and why. Lets put the spotlight on our great Canadian Quilters!


  1. My favourite Canadian Blogger is The Quilt Rat....out of London, Ontario. Jill Buckley is a member and Artist in Residence as a regular contributor to the Canadian Quilter's Association magazine "Canadian Quilter". She is uber talented and very generous in sharing her latest projects as a means of inspiring and teaching others. Thanks Jill......

  2. Hi Brandy, I don't use patterns, and I have not had a chance to hear any lectures, so I can't help with those categories. These are the ones I can think of now-
    Teacher- Valerie Hearder from Mahone Bay, NS
    Author- Valerie Hearder "Beyond the Horizons"
    Blogger- Monika Kinner- Whalen from Saskatoon, Sask. with "My Sweet Prairie" blog
    Fiber Artist- Anna Hergert from Sask.
    Quilt Shop- Jocelyn & Co in Gimli, Manitoba
    Hope this helps!
    Heather Lair

  3. Pattern Designer: Marilyne Weibe (Manitoba). Teacher: Valerie Hearder. Fibre Artist: Judy Morningstar (Manitoba). Quilt Shop: Satin Moon (Victoria).