Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Pattern Launch

I had a small serendipitous event the other day as I was consoling myself over a slight delay from the printer. After meticulously packaging the silk screens, ink and squeegees in the Inksations Kit bags, I've been eagerly awaiting the pattern and cover from the printer to complete the kits and have them ready for sale. On the day that I was told there would be a delay of a few days, I was also working on my bookkeeping and thinking I can't wait to actually sell some of that product I've been working so hard to launch because my numbers are still a bit grim. I went for lunch with the sinking realization that it really does take a long time to generate a consistent income in the start up phase of a new business. Finishing up the last of my delicious noodles with chicken and broccoli, I grabbed the napkin from the bottom of the take out bag and discovered a fortune cookie.

I've always found fortune cookies to be general and positive and at the very least delicious but not necessarily applicable to my life at the moment, but this one was a very pleasant surprise. In this startup phase of high cost of supplies and slowly increasing product sales, I certainly hope it's true! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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