Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode # 54

This week on the podcast we have a topic that no quilter wants to endure, so every quilter should listen in! 

Whether your neck feels kinked from hunching over your machine too long, your wrists are tired from obsessive quilting, or you are stiff and sore from sitting for hours working on the last bits of binding a quilt, aches and pain from prolonged quilting are a common problem. 

CQT Podcast # 54 - Quilting Ergonomics with Wendy Otto
Wendy Otto - Physiotherapist and
Owner of Summerland Physiotherapy. 

Have you every found you finally have a day set aside to quilt to your heart's content and your wrists, shoulders and neck are not agreeing with your afternoon plans? Have you ever found yourself trying to stretch out the kinks and stiffness in your neck and back in the middle of a quilting retreat? Well I did a little Q & A this week with Physiotherapist Wendy Otto, Owner of Summerland Physiotherapy and she shared her 10 Tips on Quilting Ergonomics PLUS her 7 quick exercises specifically for quilters. 

So if you are feeling quilt induced pain on a regular basis OR you want to take measures to prevent pain so you can keep on quilting, then be sure to listen in this week to CQT Episode 54 - Quilting Ergonomics. 

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So grab a cup of tea and join me this week on CQT Episode 54 where I’ll talk about caring for your lovely bones and muscles so you can continue to quilt for years to come. 

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