Sunday, July 18, 2010

Final quote for an 8 year old kid!

Well, I finally have to admit to myself that I was more interested in giving my son the gift of interesting quotes than anyone else. It was a fun little ride though. Thank you to the few who did stick their necks out and participate. Some very good quotes came out.

The last quote will be one from me. Good old Mom gets in the last word. I guess its fair since I do love him so!

"If you ever find yourself saying those ever so common words - I'M BORED! just clean up your toys. You'll find you suddenly have oodles to do!" - Mom

I'm serious! When the toy mountain gets out of control in our house we have a giant clean up day. First we set the ground rules:

1. We need a full day because we have to have time to play. You want cleaning up to be fun so leave time to play and give gentle reminders for another round of sorting.
2. Anything that is broken gets tossed.
3. Baby toys are set aside for little cousins.
4. If we can fill a full rubbermaid bin with "no longer my favorite" toys for charity, then we can go to the store to buy one new toy of $25 value.

If you have all of the storage bins labelled "balls, lego, puzzles, cars etc," then you can encourage your child to put one toy away before taking out others. Another fool proof method is our dog who thinks every toy is his chew toy so no toys can ever be left on the floor.

This clean up day ends up being a fun challenge to get rid of the old, clear the clutter and have fun playing with toys that have been buried unseen for ages! My son has learned to deal with broken toys with no tears and he doesn't cling to oldies (except Boomer the gigantic frog of course!) He can let go of a full bin of old toys because it is his choice and it opens the door to one new cool toy. Give it a try. Your kids will love it!

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