Monday, June 25, 2012

Charity Challenge

Last year I moved across Canada leaving my wonderful quilt guild and my post as ABC Quilts Coordinator where we distributed up to 600 quilts per year. Although I have become involved in several wonderful guilds in my new local area, I have found a bit of a void in my life. I miss the charity quilt program. There are a few such programs in my area run by wonderful women so I have decided to take on a self-imposed challenge. For every class I teach, I will invite the students to donate a fat quarter 18" x 20" or less of their least favorite fabric in their stash. Something they've grown to hate or fallen out of love with...something they are sick and tired of having around. Then I will take these fabrics and make every effort to use them in a beautiful way to make charity quilts.

So here are the fabrics from my first class of donations. I was pleasantly surprised that some were so lovely! So watch for upcoming posts on the results! And if you want to donate your least favorite fabric to my charity challenge just drop me an email through my website at

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