Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beach Inspiration

It got so warm and sunny on this lovely Okanagan winter day (5ºC)  that the snow started melting and we went for a walk with the dogs at Sunoka Beach. There is so much inspiration to be found wandering the beach that I could stay there for hours. Just look at the vibrant colour of this beautiful leaf on a sandy background. It's just begging to be brought to life in an art piece. 

And this tiny feather was less than an inch long, but when photographed against the rocks, which are most colourful when wet, it looks stunning and much larger than life. 

And then there's the ice. When water is in its changing stages from solid to liquid and back it forms the most beautiful designs. Last winter we encountered such a big hole in the shallow ice at the beach that we laid down and peeked our heads into the hole. We were able to see the vast airspace under the ice for over 10 feet. It was very cool. But then again almost anything that involves getting wet and dirty is cool with a 10 year old. 

There is so much beauty around us, it just takes a minute to stop and look - take out your camera and capture a moment. I hope your holidays are full of joy and inspiration. Cheers!

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