Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode 19

CQT Episode 19 - The Community Quilter

This week's episode continues with a topic I touched on in Episode 12 that is so near and dear to my heart - Quilting with a Younger Generation. If you liked that topic, watch for my article in the next CQA newsletter called 8 Tips for Quilting with a Youthful Generation.

I made a promise - so here it is! On this week's podcast I'll dive deeper into that topic. I am so passionate about sharing quilting with a younger generation that it is written right into the core values of my business. So be sure to listen this week when I take that topic further than just teaching family and friends and talk about ways to share quilting with a younger generation of quilters in your COMMUNITY!

This photo is of a tiny landscape quilt that my young student Sophia made. It is all hand stitched.  She was the only child in a class of 15 that included her mom and grandmother. It was so heartwarming to have 3 generations in my class together. Fast forward a few weeks and you can imagine my pleasant surprise to see her fibre art piece proudly shown in the Summerland Fall Fair with her first place ribbon.

So beyond inspiring a new generation of quilting in your circle of family and friends - there are a ton of ways you can get out in to the community and spread the word that quilting is here to stay. And for me the # 1 way is to teach a child or to teach a quilter to teach a child.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for... Today's prize for the weekly Quilter's Corner is brought to you by Quilter's Connection Magazine, the ONLY magazine for Canadian quilters. With beautiful projects and patterns by Canadian designers and heartwarming stories about Canadian quilters, this truly is Canada's quilting magazine. Learn more at quiltersconnection.ca

And the winner is . . . Congratulations to Chris Reid! Chris tells the heartwarming story of a quilt challenge that really brought a smile to one boy's little face.

Until next time . . . dream big and work hard in the studio with CanadianQuilt Talk!

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