Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hi everyone, I have such a nice little story from my weekend show, but it took me a week to get the photo. This is a picture of my baby niece Ella wearing her adorable new little onesie. The story goes...I was at my show last weekend and a young couple walks in with their tiny little baby boy. They were very sweet and brimming with compliments. They told me that they want to purchase a piece, but they can't decide which one and it also depends how well they do at the flea market. Their little guy was the most calm, adorable smiley baby. He actually smiled on request. The next morning before day 2 of my show I checked out their booth and they have the cutest little outfits for babies. They were selling so well I think I bought the last item small enough for Ella. If you think this outfit is the cutest thing ever, you can send an email to Sara Breslaw at She creates dozens of different adorable designs on onesies, sleepers, pajamas and hats. The happy ending is that they did so well at their table that they came back to Ye Old Barn that afternoon and picked their favorite piece. Thank you guys!

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