Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 3 of 42

Some call it an addiction. Some call it not letting go. Some call it a hobby or collection. Today I watched a show on TV that called it Hoarding, Buried Alive! I sat there watching and wondering how it could ever get that out of hand. I sat there stitching the binding on my son's Froggy Quilt (which I finally finished) thinking what on earth are these people thinking? That's disgusting! After the show I wandered downstairs to my studio to sew the finishing touches on this great fabric bowl I had started and it hit me. I honestly froze for a moment as I realized I just might be in the beginning stages of hoarding! I mean really! I have fabric there that I bought to make wine bags for Valentine's Day. I have fabric piled up to make a throw blanket for my dog. I have piles of cut out sleep masks that I want to finish for the boutique at the quilt show. I have loads of frames and paint sticks and art supplies untouched. I keep meaning to try out all of these great new ideas. I have so much fabric you can't even see in drawers and piles on the floor even! My precious fabric is on the floor! At work I am sometimes cursed by my coworkers because of my perfect organization. My desk is spotless and my files are in order. How did this gradually happen to me at home in my beloved studio? My escape from reality? My creative breathing space? I am horrified to post that picture for all to see because I am the type to rush around after the last few dishes if my mom is popping in. But I'm imposing a self-intervention. I guess the simple fact that I'm deciding that proves that I am not that fargone. I am getting ready for a quilt show in 2 weeks and I am getting loads of unfinished projects closer to completion but my word! I had to show you a picture of the tornado that hit my studio. This weekend, it will be gone. Guaranteed. I'll post pictures to prove it!

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