Monday, March 29, 2010

new adventure

I am so inspired. I love love love to write and I want to combine that with my passion for fabric, quilting and mixed media fibre art. I just got accepted last week into a one week writing course at a local university! I sent in my portfolio of poetry thinking it would be so nice to get back into something I've loved so much for years, not really expecting much. I prepared myself very well for the rejection form letter because they only accept 10 students per class. But they said YES! So I'm thrilled. I want to combine this with some new mixed media art quilting techniques. So I'm challenging myself to create one new art quilt per week and a new bit of writing EVERY DAY. That's right. I said it. I'm going to blog every day starting today until the course starts on May 10th. It can be one word or 200 words, but it has to be something and it has to be what inspires me every day. So here goes...

Day 1 of 42 days
Today my son is inspiring me because he is out at Babcia's house to stay for spring break but he has been so sick with the flu for 2 days. He is such a trooper and never complains. He just handles it. And every time he sees me he launches into a hug. He is 7 years old, so I have milked that motherly pleasure way past its due date. My challenge for this week... to make an art quilt with a scanned piece of my son's crayon art.

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