Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Workshop

It amazes me how guilty I feel when I haven't posted in a while, but I figure, if you are busy, you are busy - just make the best of it and move on. Having said that however, I do appreciate so many of you who have followed along so far, so I've decided to be a bit more predictable!

My posts for the blog are going to be every Tuesday and I'll be starting up a new surprise for quilters every Thursday very soon. HUSH, HUSH, it's a fun new adventure. And I have everything ready to start a newsletter for the first time as well. That will start out as quarterly, so only every few months.

But today's post is all about a fun new workshop I'm doing for the community arts council called Beach Blanket Frenzy. It will be so fun. It for kids aged 10 - 14 and we make a beach blanket for 4 days and then hit the beaches on Friday. It gets so stinking hot here in our semi-arid desert climate that you just have to hit the beach every chance you get.

Here's a sneak peek at the finished top (so simple) but fun for kids! 

If you want to get a child involved in a great summer project here's what you need:
60" x 60" piece of cotton twill (thicker cotton) for the backing.
1M each of 3 fabrics for the front. 
Cut and piece 9" x 9" squares in any arrangement you like. (Let your child choose.)
Spray baste the top to the back & let dry overnight.  
Quilt the entire blanket with a simple wavy line on a diagonal through the corners of the blocks. 
Trim the backing to 1" larger than the pieced top. 
Fold edges 1/2" twice, pin and sew the simple binding onto the front with a simple mitred corner.
It's a beach blanket and you're working with most importantly, have fun... and go get it dirty! 


  1. Love the beach blanket idea, what fun!

  2. Hey Brandy, that looks like a fun project! Hope all is well!

    1. Hey Jenny,
      Yes, I'm hoping the kids will love it! I just had to do something for summer. Take care...

  3. what a great idea! and ending with a day at the beach - perfect! Looking forward to hearing about your new plans