Monday, December 20, 2010

Artful Clay

I just went to the most fabulous ceramic art sale over the weekend. Crystal Nykoluk is a fresh new ceramic artist stretching the boundaries of functional clay. Her pieces are stunning, textured and one of a kind. They provoke thought and inspiration. It makes you want to use those good dishes for every day.

These first 2 mugs are wood fired in a kiln for 24 hrs. I love the gorgeous crème caramel colour and how they fit so nicely in my hand.

These next 2 mugs are a gorgeous dripping shade of blue. They make me think of washing away the day's worries with a soothing cup of tea. I love the natural wood grained wrap like they are being hugged by nature.

And last, we have this very classy spoon rest. I absolutely love this piece. It's just so gorgeous! The green plastic tupperware spoon rest is a thing of the past.

All of the mugs posted here are gifts for my mom's birthday and christmas, but don't worry that I'm spoiling the surprise. She was at the show and picked them out herself.

Now that's holiday shopping in style.

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