Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday treasures from afar...

Moving across the country, embarking on new, exciting careers and getting involved in this wonderful community have all been a part of our dreams coming true. The one thing, of course, that we miss dearly this holiday season is the closeness of our family and friends from afar. But true to their wonderful selves we have been showered with gifts in the mail. Many of them are safely tucked around the tree still in the brown postage stamped wrap waiting for Christmas morning. But here is one, perhaps less of a strict holiday gift, and more of a friendly thought (so I was convinced to open it!) from my dear Rochelle in the UK. If you'd seen my response, you'd think she'd hit my sweet tooth! They are gorgeous vintage style cotton fabrics from The Cotton Spool and a felt mini roll from the The Button Company as well as some other ravingly cute embellishments. Thank you love! (in my best London accent...) You are pure sweetness! Happy Holidays while you are back home visiting the prairies! Brandy Lynn

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