Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quilted Garment Class

I taught a new garment class recently at the Penticton guild and we had so much fun. They were the first group to try out the brand new class. I call them my crash test quilters! We timed things well and the ladies gave great feedback. I was able to make small changes to my lesson plan for future classes thanks to them.

Today they've all decided to wear their shirts to the guild meeting so we can do a photo shoot. I can't wait to see! The hilarious thing is, I'll be the only one without my shirt! I am going to get so much flack for that! All of my sample shirts are out at guilds considering the class. But that's good news for me for bookings. Here's a snapshot of me on a crazy hair day in the class sample shirt. Check out my website if you want to book this class at Brandy Lynn Designs. It is not even listed as a class yet, but fill out the form and mention "garment class." I would love to come and teach at your local guild.

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