Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Workshop - Embellished Fibre Art

We had so much fun today for the first Embellished Fibre Art Workshop. The women were so on top of the techniques, it was fantastic. This was a test class for the timing and supplies and everything worked out to the minute. My lesson plans are getting more and more succinct as I go on. Hooray!

Here is a mother and daughter duo Maggie and Bethany with their finished pieces. And below is a close up of the class sample.

If you'd like to book this 3 hour workshop for your quilting guild, contact me at Brandy Lynn Designs. It is a super fun hands on class that explores colour, layout, stamping, couching, single bead, 3 bead bunches, cross stitch, rice stitching, linear rice stitching, and the signature backstitch. It is perfect for those traditional hand quilters who want to try something just a little bit artsy. No machines required! Students walk away with a finished piece wrapped on canvas ready to hang - plus a huge smile!

Happy Father's Day Weekend to any fellas who happen to be perusing my blog! I hope you get spoiled rotten tomorrow. Cheers!

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