Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nature Break

For this last few weeks of summer we've been trying to pack in every fun thing we can possibly do before our son goes back to school. We've done everything from the local amusement park to the skateboard park and lots of beach days in between. 

This first summer having a home-based business and my son at home I've had to work some very early and very very late hours in order to put in a full work week. Even though we carve out a good chunk of the day to play, I still have had loads of packaging, ordering, class bookings and prep to do. So now that the summer is coming to an end and we are faced with the last lovely long weekend, the lack of sleep has caught up to me and I am feeling exhausted. But it has been so much fun! 

Conkle Lake Trail
One thing we had boldly printed on our list of things to do this summer was camping. We love camping! But we just never had a chance to make it happen. So for this last weekend we have decided to opt for something relaxing and enjoyable that brings us back to nature. Today we went on a picnic day trip to two places we had wanted to camp to scout them out for next year. 

First we went to Conkle Lake Provincial Park - a beach with a hiking trail to a full lake view and a second hike to the waterfalls. It was brilliant and Gavin showed off his budding photography skills with a still shot of me being chased by a giant rock monster. 

All feet in after the hike 
Rock Monster
 After a picnic lunch on the beach we hit Kettle River which was another gorgeous spot with green blue water where you could walk over the KVR train bridge and see to the bottom of the lake. It was stunning.

Now you might be wondering what does this all have to do with fibre art? Well, I find that when I get back with nature and spend time with my family I feel refreshed and alive and it bodes so well with creating art. And I also found a huge rusty chunk of steel to use for fabric rust dyeing. My husband can't believe I hauled it 40 feet back to the truck! I can't wait to try it out.  

So if you are ever feeling overworked, uninspired or just plain burnt out . . . get outside! Take a step back into nature . . . you'll feel as good as new and you never know what inspiration you'll find. 


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