Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode 17

Welcome to the Tuesday Preview. 

This week's episode of Canadian Quilt Talk features Award-Winning Quilter Carol Seeley! She won Viewer's Choice at Quilt BC 2013 with her quilt West Coast Moments: Denizens of Drury. She has been quilting for decades and her incredible work has been wowing the judges at national shows for years. If you want to add a talented teacher (CQA teacher of the year 2007) to the line up of your guild's fall programs she has dozens of workshops available.   

Canadian Quilt Talk Episode 017 
Award Winning Quilter - Carol Seeley

Viewer's Choice Winner at Quilt BC 2013 
for West Coast Moments: Denizens of Drury

And here's a photo of her incredible art quilt called Homeless that we talk about on this week's episode of Canadian Quilt Talk:

And WE NEED YOU! Send us your Quilter's Corner stories!  And if you have a question for the Gentle Judge you can submit that too. Send me an email anytime with your question, comment or story - I'd love to hear from you!
ADVERTISING: Do you know of a local quilt shop or business that would like to have a full spoken ad on our show? All they have to do is provide a weekly prize valued at $25 or more and their ad will be featured on the show. Spread the word! 

AND NOW THE WINNER of our Quilter's Corner segment: 
Sally Williams! She tells the cute story of her daughter's love for quilts! 

CONGRATULATIONS Sally! You have won The Black Sheep Block Party pattern and 3 fat quarters brought to you by Brandy Lynn Designs! 

You can book a workshop for the fat quarter friendly 2 day class for this pattern and you will have your quilting guild inspired to make tumbling blocks 'til the cows come home! (since we somehow stumbled onto a farm theme here)

As always, at the end of this week's episode, I offer up MY TWO STITCHES on Carol Seeley! She's a stellar Canadian talent you don't want to miss. 

Until next time . . . dream big and work hard in the studio with CanadianQuilt Talk!

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