Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode 37

OMGoodness! Let's take a step back and breathe for a minute…

My calendar is so full at the moment that I haven't even updated my calendar on the website. I am so excited to be booked and busy, but to use an old school term, I'm really busting the move to get everything done! Not only do I have my usual podcast and weekly video, but I have loads of work to do to bring the Kristy's Quilt project to completion over the next 2 months. There's final edits, layout, design, backer rewards, printing, bookmarks, doll quilts, packaging, shipping and more...

My crazy busy face with nappy hair. 
And to make it even more exciting, I'm getting new requests for teaching, speaking and get this….book signings! I can't believe it. I'm thrilled. It is such a dream come true for me to be doing a book signing! 

On top of all this super fun work, I've had my little guy home sick for 2 weeks. The poor fella has bronchitis and just started feeling better the last few days. And, no - I won't get a break now that he could be back in school because he had 2 weeks off sick just in time to be off for 2 more weeks for spring break. So keeping him comfy and entertained for a month has been and will be a challenge! 

So, for today's Tuesday Preview I'll leave you with a teaser…I'll be staying up very late tonight writing my script because I haven't even picked my topic yet. YES, you heard it! I'm normal, human, and everything else that makes people not get their work done as quickly as they'd like, but I still have 2 days to get the podcast out which is no problem. So, you'll just be in for a nice surprise. 

So as I revel in the wonderful problem of having too much work to do, which is good for business, you can revel in the fact that you'll still hear my familiar voice this Thursday for CQT Podcast # 37 - a pleasant surprise. 

One thing I do know for sure is that I have an awesome prize to give away, which is a 1 year subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine! If you haven't heard me chatting about this great online magazine, you must have missed a few podcasts because I've been talking up a storm. TQPM is such a great value. With your subscription, you will receive monthly issues with no less than five new patterns. Other features included will be a variety of articles, tutorials, book reviews and more.

So if you haven't had the chance to send in a story for the Quilter's Corner - now's the time! How has quilting affected your life? Send me your story whether it's funny, silly or sad - share your quilting story for a chance to win. Send a story of 200 words or less to info@explorefibre.com.

I'll talk to you on Thursday! 

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  1. Good for you!! :))) you deserve it! My goodness, you have worked so hard at all this. :)