Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Preview CQT Episode 048

The Joy of Sharing

Welcome to the Tuesday Preview. Have you ever looked at your Facebook page and wondered what on earth should I share? Have you ever felt like you enjoy a certain group of friends so much you just want to do something nice for them, but not break the budget? 

Canadian Quilt Talk Episode # 48 - 10 great ways for quilters to SHARE! 

For instance I just love to share photos of random adorable things I see all the time. I just got so much joy out of seeing this cute dog waiting in line beside me at the ferry that I had to share. 

From Facebook posts, to gifts, jokes, videos and more, this week's show is all about SHARING. And speaking of sharing, here's this week's winner of the Quilter's Corner...

Congratulations to DEB VEZINA - Deb shares a story about making a quilt for a family member struggling with cancer, but not only does Deb share her talent for quilting, she gets her whole family involved. 

And if you think you've heard Deb's name before you have! She has won before AND she even has a third story in the queue so she's still eligible for the July 3rd Grand Prize Giveaway for EQ7 Software. Please get your stories in. You can enter as many times as you like. Just make me laugh or cry with your quilting story of 200 words or less. This is seriously my favourite part of doing the podcast - READING YOUR STORIES!

Congrats Deb! You win a gorgeous fat quarter bundle by Northcott Silks Inc. 

                                     Northcott - Cottons that feel like silk!

SO don't forget, you can win a free pattern if you send me a photo f your Quilt of Valour in 2014 and please send in your Quilter's Corner Story! You don't want to miss out on being eligible for the July3rd grand prize giveaway of EQ7 software! 
Until next time . . . dream big and work hard in the studio . . . 
with Canadian Quilt Talk!

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