Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quilts of Valour Challenge...continued

Hey Everyone,

Here's a lovely note about the Quilts of Valour Challenge...

Anita LaHay
REMINDER - My QoV Challenge is for CQT Listeners to make a QoV in 2014, send me a photo and they'll receive a free Brandy Lynn Designs pattern! Easy as that!

I received an email yesterday from a wonderful quilter named Anita LaHay who has already submitted a photo and won a free pattern for a Quilt of Valour in 2014. But she didn't stop there! She has made another gorgeous quilt for a soldier.

Thanks for sending in your photos Anita!

Since she's already won a pattern, I've decided to feature her here because you will love it and she deserves the accolades. Her blog is called daydreamsofquilts so be sure to go there and follow along. She has a wonderful post about her latest Quilt of Valour.

Here are the great photos Anita sent of her latest QoV. She even used all fabric from my terrific sponsor Northcott Silks! The line she chose was Oh Canada by designer Linda Ludovico. It's gorgeous and sooooo Canadian. I love it!

So? Have you made a QoV in 2014 or are you considering it? Be sure to send me a photo so you can win a pattern. It takes a certain type of person to dedicate hours of quilting for a good cause and you deserve a free pattern and a huge thank you for making your community better.

Thanks Anita!

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  1. Thank you Brandy! :) Thank you for promoting and supporting this great cause.