Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays from Canadian Quilt Talk

Happy Holidays everyone!

From all of us at Canadian Quilt Talk, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season surrounded by love, laughter and family. (OK, it's just me in my studio running the whole show, dreaming one day that I'll have a staff full of wonderful people, but I can send enough love around to wish you all the best! )

If you are thinking of taking advantage of the 50th Anniversary sale on now for Star Princess Cruise Lines to book your space on the ALOHA QUILT CRUISE 2015, here's a quick list of the holiday booking hours:

Dec. 24th open 9am to 4pm
Dec. 27th open 10am to 5pm
Dec. 29th open 9am to 5pm
Dec. 30th open 9am to 5pm
Dec. 31st open 9am to 4pm
Jan. 2nd open 9am to 5pm

Contact Miriam or Frances anytime during these hours for more info on the quilt cruise. (These hours are Pacific time)

Business Travel Consultants
1632 McKenzie Ave | 
Unit 103 |Victoria BC V8N 0A3
Phone: 1.250.360.2058 |Toll Free 1.866.420.4410

Until next time, DREAM BIG and WORK HARD in the studio with Canadian Quilt Talk! 

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