Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 22 of 42

Hey, I have crossed the halfway mark of 42 days of blogging. It has been very rewarding because I have been so motivated to complete tasks, and I've ended every single day with a positive thought. Today I'll share a fun idea I've been fooling around with. I call it From Photo to Sketch to Quilt. I have taken so many wonderful photos in our years of deep woods camping ranging from northern lights, to dew dripping spider webs and everything in between. So I've taken some of my favorite shots and figured out some processes to turn them in to art quilts. One such process is turning the photo into a cutout sketch and then cutting it out of fabric. The three photos are the sequence of actual photo, sketch pencil drawing and then quilted piece. Can you believe I found that background fabric!? It is very fun to do and very rewarding as you can see.

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