Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 7 of 42

Well, back on day 3 of this 42 day blogfest I promised myself (and all of cyberspace I guess) that I would have my studio cleared of clutter. That was optimistic. I think I'm only about halfway done but I still have one day left because I get Easter Monday off. I am going to work so hard to finish it tomorrow. So far I have cleared all of the scrappy stuff that was just garbage, and organized my fabric and my thread. I got these great new fat quarter bags that you store on a shelf and then just grab and go when you have a quilting retreat. They are fabulous! I also had an old thread holder that was sitting idle so I filled it up and mounted it on the wall. It looks great! I can't believe how many great colors I have. (I actually have about 3 times that much thread which is a bit ridiculous). I also organized my ABC quilts in bins and caught up on a bit of paperwork. I just started running a program for my local quilting guild called ABC Quilts. The guild members donate their time and fabric by making up to 1000 quilts per year for charity. Its unbelievable actually. The quilts go to local hospitals and organizations to provide comfort for those in need. Well, back to the basement! If I can actually get everything done by lunch tomorrow I'll have a few hours to sew one of my weekly art quilts!

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