Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Interested in joining SAQA?

I am just out of the hot seat from interviewing Martha Sielman, the Executive Director of Studio Art Quilt Associates. And I'm so excited to announce that she has offered Canadian Quilt Talk listeners a 10 % discount on the SAQA membership from now right through until the end of 2013!

That's right! Sign up now on the SAQA website using the code: CQT and you get 10 % off your membership.

AND to add another cherry on top of this great discount I'm offering a year end contest!

On January 1, 2014 I will randomly draw a name from everyone who has signed up using the CQT code for a chance to win a Brandy Lynn Designs INKSATIONS pattern and screen printing kit.


1. Go to the SAQA website and check it out. Take a look at the benefits and find out if a membership is right for you.

2. Sign up as a new member or renew your membership using the CQT code for 10% off.

3. Send me proof of receipt of membership (screenshot, photo, etc. - no credit card info) by email with SAQA membership in the subject line.

4. Leave me a comment below that you've signed up!

That's it! When I receive a receipt by email along with your comment below, you'll be entered in the draw.

CONTEST ENDS: December 31, 2013 at midnight PST! 

Good luck with the contest! SAQA is just a great community to be involved in if you are an art quilter so have fun checking out the website - especially the latest SAQA auction - the art quilts are so inspiring!

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  1. I label all my quilts but not place mats, mainly because I use my printer and transfer paper made to print designs on Tshirts, I don't think it would stand up to constant washing and it can't be ironed. I include the name of the receiver and date/occasion that it was made for,with a small relavent picture and my name (of coarse). I also keep a scrapbook with pictures of everything I make with pictures of the reciprients (when possable).