Monday, October 19, 2009

I have been so so busy at work and with the fall activities. I am now looking forward to the next few quilting events. My quilt club called "In Stitches" is hosting our fall luncheon on Oct. 24th where members bring a potluck item and sew all day. You can either participate in a class or do your own thing. After that I'm taking a landscape class on Nov. 7th with a fabulous teacher named Heather Lair. I took the original "Landscapes from Outer Space" from her and was so inspired. After that it's right into the Pinewood Lodge Quilting Retreat. That one will be over 5 days this year because Remembrance day starts on a Wednesday. I'll keep you posted as I decide which projects to tackle.I just finished a cute button piece for my new art quilt group, so I'll post that soon. The challenge was to take a button that inspires you and make a miniature journal quilt. It was a very fun challenge. I was inspired to thank all of the wonderful quilters that have helped me learn along the way.

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