Saturday, October 24, 2009

Children's Hospital Donation

I have decided to donate an art piece to a charitable organization. The proceeds go to the children's hospital and the organization is the Chown Guild. They are having their annual Dinner and Fashion Show and my art piece will be auctioned off among other wonderful donated items. I chose this guild because my grandmother was a longstanding member before she passed away and I am considering membership myself. I love the idea of raising money for sick children and I am already involved in the ABC quilt program. I think it's a great way to get my fibre art out there for people to see. There will be an artist's bio beside the piece as well as my new business cards of course. This is a darker piece that a lot of people commented on at my show. I'm surprised no one purchased it because there was so much interest in it. I love the way the darkness of the night sky blends right into the landscape for a real feeling of night time, yet there is still a glimpse of snow drifting from one side.

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