Saturday, October 24, 2009

I just had the greatest day with my quilt club "In Stitches." It was our fall luncheon. You could take the class all day or do your own thing and we have a wonderful potluck lunch. Wow, those ladies can cook. I spent the day working on on my very first private commission! I am thrilled to say that I am officially making custom fibre art quilts by private order. I can't post pictures of course as it is a private commission for a gift. After private commissions are sold, I'll keep them in a gallery on my website. I also finished my new business cards today. They turned out great! I found this fantastic paper that you can plant and it grows into soft little wildflowers. So I printed them, cut them up and put labels on them. I like how they turned out. The white words say, "Your only limits are the ones you choose."