Friday, November 20, 2009

Pinewood Lodge Quilt Retreat

Here's another great picture from the Pinewood Lodge quilting retreat. My good friend Pat took on the black and white art quilt challenge for the 2010 Quilt Show in Winnipeg. It was black and white fabrics with the option of one other color. If you ever thought you were lacking in inspiration, this is a perfect example of taking a closer look at the little things that you see every day. Pat works in a food sciences laboratory at the University and this quilt was inspired by the growth of something in a petri dish. You really can find inspiration wherever you go! I absolutely love this quilt. The background is machine pieced and the design is hand appliqued. What you may not see in the picture are the beautiful waves of dark beads that embellish it and add a touch of sparkle.

1 comment:

  1. Always liked Black and white this is nice and to me looks like an Octopus juggling blue air bubbles!