Sunday, April 11, 2010

Days 13 and 14 of 42

Aaaaccck! I missed Saturday. No excuses. I just came home and went to bed. But I did have such a fun day at the quilt show. I was there volunteering and enjoying the show from 9am to 9pm and then a group of us finally went for dinner. We were so hungry and had a fabulous late-night meal and chatted for over an hour. By the time I got home, I just forgot. So, back to the plan... That was day 13 and now it's day 14. It was the last day of the quilt show today so I checked out the vendors one last time, saying goodbye to some friends. There were some great vendors there, but this year my favorite pick goes to THE QUILT PATCH from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. They always have friendly staff, fun in-house designs, immaculate displays and perfect packaging. I bought a little wooden block sign from them that says "Sew far, sew good." It'll be perfect in my studio. I stopped in their quilt shop once driving through Moose Jaw and my son sat and played with the buttons in an old tin tub for 2 hours while I shopped. It was heaven. The picture is Shelley, myself, and Jeanne, the owners. Just good people. I laughed a bit at how shy and modest they were about having their picture taken when I saw the butt shot that my son took of me. Good grief, it looks like I've tried to shove a few bums into those jeans! I am never eating chocolate again!

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