Thursday, May 31, 2012

Young Soldier - a tribute

My latest art piece, recently on exhibit at the Canadian Quilt Association Show in Halifax, is a tribute to the families of Canadian Soldiers who have lost a loved one and the soldiers still suffering from post traumatic stress.

As a former firefighter, dealing with post traumatic stress over the years has been a challenge. I have learned to become absorbed in my studio to follow my passion in quilting as a form of healing. Every fire death, car accident and traumatic scene left a huge impact. The image of the canadian flag at half mast sends a message of sadness for the loss, guilt that it wasn't me or I couldn't do more, relief to know that the suffering is over, and the deepest respect for a firefighter willing to lay his life on the line.  

In 2007 my cousin, Steven was on location when an explosion killed his close friend in Afghanistan. I made this quilt for him. 

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  1. That quilt is beautiful! It says so much.... What a tribute for you cousin.