Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fibre Art Necklace

I hosted such a fun workshop yesterday called Fibre Art Necklace at the Summerland Art Gallery. It is such a fun technique of wrapping a thin long slice of fabric on a skewer to make a bead and then embellishing with wool, wire and beads. Here's a quick shot of the supplies needed for this class:

This is a great workshop or demo to fit into that one hour time slot between retreat events or as an ice breaker and there is no stress because mistakes are often serendipitous cool new bits of jewellery. Check out the Brandy Lynn Designs website to book a workshop or lecture in your area. This necklace is not listed, but just query "Fibre Art Necklace" on the submission form and we can make it happen! Here's a shot of one student's necklace. She added some butterflies of her own and a funky little tassle.

Here's a group shot of the ladies adorned in their finished pieces.

They were so warm with their compliments and feedback. Great reviews! What a nice way to start off a lovely Mother's Day weekend. (Yes, I've officially changed it from one day into a weekend event at my house!)

Brandy Lynn

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  1. That was such a fun couple of hours, and I really like the necklace.
    thanks Brandy!