Sunday, January 20, 2013

Explore Fibre - NEW CLASS!

Looking for a sneak peek of my new Explore Fibre class? It tried out the lesson plan and teaching components on my local guild last week and it was so much fun. The teaching time frames and drying times worked out well and every student had wonderful successes. (I don't need to tell you how inspired I am by my students' colour choices and design play because I blog about it all too often!) I was left feeling that the only thing better than exploring fibre all day is doing it with your friends. What I can tell you without spilling the beans too much (a book is in the works) is that it involves Shiva paint sticks, dissolving stabilizer, and thermofax screen printing along with all kinds of embellishments.

Can you imagine anything more fun? The photos are of hand dyed fabric adorned with a delicious assortment of colourful fibres and then a few beads stitched in for good measure. AND on top of that the class supplies are a bunch of fat quarters and scraps that you can surely pull from your stash. You can book this class for your guild already (and, of course, learn more detail) by inquiring online at Brandy Lynn Designs, but I'll announce it here soon, so stay tuned!

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