Friday, January 25, 2013

Study, study, study...

Tonight the boys are at a hockey game and I have a few hours to myself. I thought I might watch a movie, piece my sample for an upcoming class, or even take a long bath....but NO. I am realizing that what I really must do is cozy up with a good book and get reading.

The thing is, I love quilting, and I love reading, so I have accumulated this ridiculous collection of books and magazines, but it may be true that over 80% of them I've never had the time to read. On top of that I am studying for my quilt judging and there are required books for that.

I've met a couple wonderful new friends who are also taking the course and it seems they are way ahead of me with their wonderful study habits, so I'm feeling compelled to catch up!

Here is one book on the required reading list that I'll focus on tonight...

When I pulled this book out of the library, I saw the gorgeous vintage quilts on the cover and thought, "Yikes, this is very old and very thick!" (yes, I really say "yikes" all the time - ask my son) But it is actually printed in 2011, so it's quite new. The detailed diagrams are brilliant and the monochromatic colour scheme throughout the book is very easy on the eyes. I also like the mass amounts of little diagrams which make it a quick read like a comic book, except with better content! It is a must read, especially for me, in this course because I am very much a quilter turned fibre artist. I've affectionately dubbed this book PQA in my study notes. 

There are optional books on the list as well, and I can choose to focus on all time favourites as well as books with techniques that I have less experience with, so I'd love your input. 

What is your absolute favourite book in the quilting industry? Let me know...

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