Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time to Take Massive Action!

I am working on a multitude of projects at once. This always seems to be the case for me. Do you ever find that you have 10 projects on the go and they all seem to reach 80% completion? Well, I've decided to focus on one at a time . . . so, it's time to take "massive action" to finish something! I heard Tony Robbins say that in an eBook and I tell myself to take massive action all the time now. It sounds quite hilarious, but puts me in a good frame of mind to get things done. (And my son thought it was quite hilarious when I told him he needed to take massive action on his bedroom before he could watch TV!)

So right now I'm completing my first fibre art book manuscript. That entails choosing a publisher, designing the patterns, writing a sample chapter, creating the table of contents and making the samples so you can include some gorgeous photos. It is also very important to follow the online submission guidelines to a T, so that information needs to be gathered as well. And, as I mentioned is about 80% complete so I just have a few more things to do. Here's a sneak peek detail shot of one of the samples. You have no idea what it is of course, but it includes fabric, wool, and foil.

So today's massive action will be accumulating all of the writing, patterns and detail with the submission forms and then having some fun with samples and photos. 

Do you have a quilting book idea in your mind? I've had a few and every once in a while I see one of my ideas appear in a full colour book and I think, "Why didn't I think of that - wait a minute . . . I Did!" I just never sent the idea to a publisher. So if you have an idea you've been meaning to get organized, now's the time. Take massive action and make your submission. What have you got to lose?

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