Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fibre Art Workshops in Kamloops

I had so much fun teaching in Kamloops recently. It was packed house for 2 fun with fibre workshops. It's hard to go wrong teaching a room full of Home Ec Teachers and Art Teachers. My workshop samples look like I mixed a seamstress with an artist, so it is very cool to see the perfect stitchers and the creative minds together. I think there was one Physed teacher in there too for longevity.

The 2 classes were Embellised Fibre and Fibre Art Landscapes:

Embellished Fibre
Fibre Art Landscapes
The workshops were so much fun. Here's an idea of what you'll get when you take a Brandy Lynn Designs Fibre Art workshop:
  • fibre art techniques - stamping, bleach, decolourant, fusible and foil
  • basic stitches - hidden appliqué, cross-stitch and rice stitching
  • embellishment effects - beading, found objects and couched fibres
  • matte, frame and wrap on canvas techniques
  • tips on colour, depth, layout and design

The key to my workshops is to let go, have fun and be inspired. Here's a detail shot of a piece by the workshop organizer - Holly (also a student). She did a great job, despite running around being my helper, and improvised by adding a few appliqué effects from the black practice sample. Why waste a practice piece when it turned out so well?

Speaking of Holly, she treated me like a queen. The room was fantastic, she provided everything I needed and gave me a delicious lunch. They did a great job advertising because the classes were full with a waiting list. The event organizers sent a lovely messenger into the class to thank me and give me chocolates! (Some little birdie must have told them it was my favourite.) Holly also hand made this adorable little bag and cell phone holder. (She knew I'd appreciate a hand sewn gift!) The big one protects my sunglasses and the little one fits my iPhone perfectly. And when I looked inside there was a cute little envelope with a lucky coin. So thoughtful! 

The best part of all was the feedback from the class. So many students came up after class and mentioned their favourite part of the workshop. I received a few great testimonials and the organizers even booked my calendar for next year's event!  

"An inspiring session with Brandy, creating a simple yet beautiful fabric landscape with a unique sun feature.  Can't wait to schedule a session for next year!"  
- Holly Adkins
Home Economics Teacher, South Kamloops Secondary School, Kamloops, B.C.

"It has been awhile since I have done a totally creative day.  It was good for my brain! It makes me realize, how important creativity is for me. Your sessions were relaxing, inspiring and motivating. I want to do more!  I appreciated the variety of supplies you brought for us to use.  I think we all found something we hadn't tried before.  Thank you for sharing!"
- Wilma Steinke,
Home Economics Teacher, Sa-Hali Secondary School, Kamloops, B.C.

If you are interested in booking a Brandy Lynn Designs workshop checkout the classes available on my website. They range from traditional tumbling blocks to silk screening and fibre art techniques. Book now to secure your date for 2013!


  1. I signed up for notifications by email. I hope I win your giveaway and your blog looks interesting. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Don't forget the Special Education Teacher (aka: Quilter!!!) I was an amazing class and I an so happy we were able to book you for next year. All the feedback from the day was extremely positive and I know I had a fantastic time. I am slowly working on my piece and will send along a photo when I am finished.
    Lorraine B.