Thursday, August 29, 2013

A mention on The Quilt Show Blog!

Welcome to all of our new quilting friends 
who are coming on over from The Quilt Show blog. 
Thanks for checking out Canadian Quilt Talk! 

Hey everyone! I'm so excited that we got a big mention on The Quilt Show blog! Doesn't he look like a sweetie in the picture? Well he is fantastic. When I interviewed Ricky Tims a couple weeks ago, he was so kind with sweet and hilarious answers and gave me a lot of great advice as well. He is a true gent and just passionate about quilting.

That was just a screen shot so you can't click on it to listen, but you can just go straight to The Quilt Show blog to check it out or scroll down on the right and click on Episode 007 to listen. Last week Ricky Tims mentioned me on the Quilt Show blog that he writes with Alex Anderson after my exclusive interview with him on his Canadian Tour.

The oh so exciting part is the jump in downloads for the Canadian Quilt Talk podcast. We went from about 200 downloads per week, which is pretty darn good already, to over 1000 in one day when he mentioned it on the blog. It's all so exciting! Now's the time to tell your friends. And if you are thinking, geez, I haven't even had a chance to listen, here are a few tips on finding some time to yourself to check it out:

1. When you are quilting of course! It's not a video, so you can set it up right back from podcast 001 and listen to them all while you get started on a project you've been meaning to tackle.
2. While driving your car. If you have a smart phone of any kind or an iPad, or even a laptop, you can download them all before you leave home and then play them on the road.
3. When you exercise. You know you should be walking, so download them on your iPod or whatever listening device you have and get your shoes moving!
4. And the most common response on the Canadian Quilt Talk Facebook Page is kicking back in a reclining chair with a cup of hot chocolate! 

Any place, any time, no matter how you check it out - I'm so glad you are listening.

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