Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode 21

Welcome to the Tuesday Preview. 

This week's episode of Canadian Quilt Talk features the CQA Teacher of the Year - Margie Davidson. She is a quilt artist and surface designer whose work and workshops are characterized by delightful bursts of colour through painted, sun-printed and naturally hand-dyed cloth. 

Canadian Quilt Talk Episode 021 
Margie Davidson

She is a talented award-winning quilt artist who speaks volumes through her work. Here's a piece I chat about during our interview at her home in Edmonton. I was blown away by it's beauty, so I just had to snap a photo to show you. 

And if you think that's eye candy, Margie is giving away some of her gorgeous hand dyed fabric to the weekly winner of our Quilter's Corner. 

Congratulations to Val Wilson! Val submitted a lovely story about a hand dyed piece of fabric she used for a backing that ended up begin the star of the quilt! 

And STAY TUNED this week - on the podcast I'll be announcing my first online class! I'm so excited to let you know. It will be live, fun and best of all FREE! Don't miss that announcement - secure the date for an hour of fun the morning of Dec. 5th. (or the afternoon, depending where you live!)

And DON'T FORGET - It's the last Thursday of the month next week on the 28th so send us a question for our segment of the Gentle Judge! 

Until next time . . . dream big and work hard in the studio with CanadianQuilt Talk!

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