Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday Preview CQT Episode 25

Hooray! We are celebrating Canadian Quilt Talk Episode 25 

I can't believe we've come this far and it's such a fitting number because many of us are celebrating Christmas on the 25th of this month. On this week's episode I'll chat about my favourite Christmas things and there's even a special little message from Ricky Tims himself. This podcast will be short and sweet (like holiday goodies) because I know you'll be wanting to spend time with family. Can you believe this is the last podcast before Christmas? That means it's only a week away! But I'll be back again on Boxing Day to chat about my favourite quilty things of 2013. Here's a quick holiday snapshot of Gavin hiding amongst the stuffies. His look says, "Do you really have to take a photo of me every ten minutes?"

CQT 25 - Holiday Show

For the Quilter's Corner, of course,  I'll share the great holiday stories that were sent in last week. The winners already have their pdf stocking patterns for download from Maria Habrovsky of Quilts For Sale. 

Not in the spirit yet Mr. Scrooge?

So I'm adding in a SURPRISE 2013 HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY! The prize is a secret so you have to listen in on Thursday to find out! This is going to be twice the value of my usual prizes, but you'll have to work for it! My 2 biggest sponsors are coming together for a fantastic prize giveaway. They are The Quilt Pattern Magazine and Nortchott Silks Inc

SUBSCRIBE before Dec. 31st for the TQPM monthly online magazine and you pay the December special of ONLY $10!  

Look for these gorgeous Stonehenge Oh Canada fabrics by Northcott at your local quilt shop today! 

OK, so I guess that's a huge hint about what the prize will include! So here's what you'll have to do: 

1. Listen to the CQT Holiday Podcast # 25! It airs this Thursday at 4pm Pacific. (And for those sneakers who want in early, you can start checking at 3pm because that's when I post it due to lag delays in air time so sometimes it goes early.)

2. At the end I'll announce the SECRET TASK. (HINT: It's so simple and has to do with reaching my Facebook goal - and many of you have already done it, so that counts!) 

3. Leave me a REVIEW ON ITUNES. If you listen to the show I'd love it if you'd leave me a review! You can choose as many stars as you like and let the world know what you think of the show. Here's how to LEAVE A REVIEW

4. And FINALLY, POST IT ON THE BLOG! Come back to the Explore Fibre Blog and post the following:
  1. I have done the SECRET TASK (actually say what it is)
  2. I have left a REVIEW ON ITUNES
So that's not to much work at all. Just do these 2 things and let me know and YOU COULD HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN!

I'll be doing a random draw of everyone who leaves a review on iTunes, does the secret task and leaves a comment. Draw ends at 12:00 MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME. And the winner will be announced on the blog on Christmas Day. (after presents and breakfast!)

Happy Holidays everyone! Quilt hard, drink responsibly and don't stitch and drive (if that's even possible)! 

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