Thursday, January 23, 2014

Episode 029 Canadian Quilt Talk - Inklingo with Linda Franz

You've likely heard of Inklingo, but have you given it a try? Offering 2 collections of FREE designs for download on her website, Linda Franz chats about what Inklingo actually is and how simple it is to get started. 

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  1. Thank you so much for the interview with Linda concerning Inklingo. I absolutely love Inklingo. One of the things that I didn't like about preparing my pieces for hand piecing was having to measure and draw the 1/4 inch line. But with Inklingo, I just use my printer to print the pieces directly onto the fabric, cut out the pieces and get right to the fun part of sewing. Thank you Linda for making a quilting dream come true for me!


  2. Thank you so much for having Linda Franz on your show. I have been using Inklingo since Day 1 and it has changed my life. It makes getting to the sewing so much faster and my work is always perfect. You just have to follow the lines and match the hash marks and straight or curved it is perfect every time.

  3. Wonderful interview. Thank you so much! I have enjoyed Inklingo since it first came out. It is ingenious!

  4. What a great interview with Linda about Inklingo. I, too, have been using Inklingo since the very first CD came out and can't imagine making a quilt without it! The collections are all fabulous and make designing a quilt pure fun. No specialty rulers needed, no worries about storing the rulers - just download a collection (or a bunch of them!) and start printing. I had everything I need for a lap size Double Wedding Ring printed in just under two hours. And I have no worries that it won't fit -- it will, because those stitching lines and matching points make it easy and fast.
    I made a red and white Feathered Star/Sunflower quilt using Inklingo and it was a pure delight and definitely not a quilt I would have ever attempted without Inklingo.

  5. A very informative interview. Thank you for doing these interviews, it's a great way to learn about options for making our quilting easier or better!