Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome to Pattern Pastiche

Have you checked out The Quilt Pattern Magazine yet?

On January 25th TQPM will be celebrating their 3rd birthday with a fun chat online. They have this great online chat group called Pattern Pastiche. It's a virtual place to go to meet online quilting friends, follow along with the challenges or just ask a quilting question and get some great advice from the teachers.

PATTERN PASTICHE - a private quilter's community for the subscribers of TQPM. SUBSCRIBE NOW to join in on the fun!

You can enjoy chatting and sharing with quilters and designers. You can create your own blog, join a special group, post photos and have fun with the TQPM family of quilters.

Here are just a few exciting things they have to offer:

2014 BOM - Over the next year they'll be getting together monthly to sew a little 8" block. At the end, you'll have a nice throw to display during those autumn months.

2014 Block of the Month

Don't you love a mystery? Try Cindy McCoy's quick, easy, eight-part teaser resulting in a 36" x 36" table topper. It's great for both beginners and for experienced quilters who enjoy doing quick, easy projects in between their more complicated ones. (This one's FREE to anyone who signs up for the TQPM NEWSLETTER!)

Around a Star Mystery

Summer Iris Picnic Quilt - Join Reeze Hanson's EQ lessons with this lovely series which presents you with just enough challenge and variety each month to keep you engaged through the northern hemisphere's winter and spring.

The Summer Iris Picnic Quilt
SIGN UP for The Quilt Pattern Magazine to come and chat with Pattern Pastiche!

Tuesday - 7pm to 8pm
Friday - 9am to 1-am
Saturday - 9am to 10am

Times are Pattern Pastiche (central) time as posted on the clock on the Pattern Pastiche main page.

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