Monday, February 17, 2014

A Gorgeous iPhone 4 case

Have I told you all about this great deal I found on eBay? It's called a "Luxury Quilted Leather Chrome Case" but I'll tell you right off the bat, it's a plastic faux leather case for decoration only, but I love mine. I was searching around for a new iPhone case and came across this quilted one for so cheap I thought it was too good to be true. Especially since the shipping was free.

The grand total came to $2.98 CDN including shipping! I double checked that it said iPhone 4S which is the one I have and that it shipped to Canada, which is where I live and it all seemed good. So I just clicked on BUY IT NOW to see what would happen.

What's the catch? Well, it took about 22 days to ship, but for FREE? I could handle that and when it arrived I was quite happy. I ordered red and I love it. Another thing I didn't realize was that it is just plastic, not chrome as it states in the description, and it's some kind of faux leather or vinyl, but it still looks very nice. Also, I have dropped it once and it is not a protective cover by any means. I was lucky that my phone didn't crack. The silver plastic case cracked slightly, but is hardly noticeable.

So I have ordered 2 more in black and blue pictured so I can change them as I wish and since I cracked the red one I figure it will not last forever. Here's the link if you want to give it a try. I still have to say though that when I read through the ratings for this seller they were great, but any complaints were all about shipping problems. So there is a small risk.

I'll let you know when my next 2 cases arrive in 3 weeks. LOL. If you want to give it a try here's the link to the eBay seller. It's not an auction - just an eBay store, so you can buy it any time.

New Luxury Quilted Leather Chrome Case Cover Skin For Apple iPhone 4 4G 4Gs 4S

Just another quilty thing that I love!

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